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Author, Patty Belanger

Alton NH 

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What is that thing upon my face.

It doesn't belong there, it is out of place.

I'm confident that you know who we are.   My poems touch on all that can, and often does, go haywire affecting not only the female psyche and anatomy, but the sanity of innocent bystanders as well.     "Read it and leap" right into LOL, crack yourself up, and crack your friends up.  My message to my readers is that you never need lose your sense of humor along your menopause journey.  Good Grief, in the end..   heck, we have no more periods, questions, or exclamations...  


Published with Back Channel Press, Portsmouth NH. 

Hello, thanks for stopping by.

My name is Patty.  I started writing to have some fun.  The poems kept coming, one by one. 

I live in a small town in New Hampshire on the edge of one of the largest lakes in New England.  This town is overcrowded with baby boomers on pause.  They are my co-workers, my friends and my neighbors too. 

I'm On Pause